Drug addiction is not a sentence

(ORDO NEWS) — Most still adhere to the erroneous opinion that there is no way to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction. But this isn’t the case. Opioid addicts can get help here, alcoholics can go to Alcoholics Anonymous, people addicted to cocaine can go to rehab, the list goes on.

Psychotropic drugs not only destroy the health of the body but can also cause a strong addiction that makes it difficult to recognize there is a problem. People feel dependent on the drugs that they take and this is why many people struggle to speak to their loved ones about their addiction. Rehabilitation facilities such as The Ohana in Hawaii are experts at people able to help people beat the addiction and although difficult, a complete cure is possible. Other than rehab, there are a number of treatments for addiction and one of the popular methods is medication.

This can be administered:

  • in a rehabilitation center
  • at home, under supervision

If a rehabilitation center is the preferred method of treatment, whether someone is looking for Drug Rehab Abroad or somewhere closer to home, then there are many options out there, including the one for drug addicts in Tver. The center is far from the bustling city and crowded places. Located in a picturesque place. Natural beauty also helps patients to establish their rhythm of life.

Here a unique technique has been developed to get rid of addiction at any stage. No medication. Only nature, living support and rethinking of life values.

What is the technique?

A person is far from home in nature, which helps him release negative memories that entail various types of addiction

hanging out with benefits: a bathhouse, fishing, going to the forest for mushrooms – such familiar and everyday things, help to return to a normal healthy life.

Observance of anonymity – this helps a person to relax and let go of the old, in return for a brighter future.

The duration of the recovery process is usually nine to twelve months. During this period, the patient is fully restored and returns to his former life before dependence.

There are no age restrictions in the center; here everyone has the right to receive the opportunity for rehabilitation.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of the drug addiction treatment or a rehabilitation center is for everyone arriving there to be able to independently choose the path to a healthy life and get themselves out of the quagmire of addiction. The center does not deny the benefits of medical treatment, but its creators are confident that each person can find the strength to change and recover on their own.

And they prove this annually by examples and reviews of their wards.

In this center, everyone who comes will find support and help. Patients from all over the country come to it, receiving one hundred percent anonymous and free help.

If you, or your loved ones are confused and lost in the wilds of addiction, then remember that there is a way out. Do not neglect the chance of a normal life. Everyone who stumbles has the right to a chance to return to a full life. And you will find this chance in the center “One Step Ahead.” Let your life be in your hands.


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