Dropa is an alien race?

(ORDO NEWS) — High in the mountains called Bayan-Kara-Ula, which runs through the borders of China and Tibet, is an amazing series of caves that are strangely interconnected – they were built either by man or nature.

Inside these caves lie the buried bodies of the most unique hominoids that man has ever seen. A team of archaeologists who accidentally stumbled upon the discovery of the caves in 1938 first thought they were the bodies of monkeys.

But monkeys don’t bury their dead. If these are not animals, then to what, or rather, to whom, did these strange skeletons belong?

Dropa is an alien race 2

Yes, they were not people and not animals, more precisely, not quite people. The skeletons had small and very thin arms and legs, almost fusiform, but very large heads compared to the short and thin skeletons.

Chinese archaeologist Chi Pu Tei and his team were looking at the skeletons when they noticed something even stranger.

There was a round disc in the floor of the cave. It looked like it was made of stone with a hole in the center. Around it were spiral engravings or grooves that looked like two rings.

On closer inspection, it looked like some form of writing or hieroglyphics on the grooves. But no one could translate this strange language. Even experts on ancient writings.

Even more interesting is the fact that images of the rising sun, moon and stars were carved on the walls of the caves, which were connected by lines of small dots. Maybe the bodies of this unique species were trying to tell us something?

Dropa is an alien race 3

It took 20 years before the disc was deciphered or translated by experts in Beijing. What he found was too much for the authorities to prevent him from disclosing his findings. In the course of further searches in the caves of this area, another 716 of the same disks were found.

According to Dr. Tsum Um Nui’s translation, the discs told a story – an incredible story about a space probe that came to Earth from another planet and crashed in these distant mountains.

The inhabitants arrived in peace and were representatives of a very advanced civilization. But their taller neighbors made life difficult for them, and they flew away to other worlds.

But the sad story is that the inhabitants or natives of these places felt threatened by these creatures, which they considered very ugly, and hunted and killed most of them.

Dropa is an alien race 4

Now two local tribes who still live in these remote and almost inaccessible mountains are called Dropa and Ham. They say that the boor killed those who came on horseback.

This bizarre story goes back 12,000 years! Yes, that’s how many years of cave carving. Moreover, at that time no one knew how to make these discs, which are mainly made from cobalt and other metals.

Dropa is an alien race 5

If we go back to China, then the legends and folklore speak of an ancient race that came from the “clouds” and was killed because they were small and very ugly and did not like people.

The carving depicts constellations different from ours. Computer modeling of the drawings showed that they had views of the Earth from another star system, from where they came.

Although ufologists like Erich von Däniken, who believe in the theory of ancient astronauts, have accepted it for what it is.

But for most skeptics and critics, it’s still the same old story – to exclude all possibilities and pretend that none of this happened. But an interesting fact is that in the translation of the disks the alien race is called “Drop”.

Dropa is an alien race 1

This name is spelled differently, for example, Dzopa, but in the same area there is still a tribe called by the same name.

They do not claim to be descendants of any alien race, but their facial features are neither Chinese nor Tibetan.

There is also a local legend here that people with very large heads and large eye sockets with tiny bodies came and hid in the caves thousands of years ago.

Since the legends are so ancient, the natives who live in these mountains, who live only in these isolated corners, are unlikely to know about modern spaceships and life in space. Then we have disks.

Strangely unique, enigmatic, but telling the same legend, and also made of hard granite and metals that are powered by electrical charges to work, supposedly due to the fact that they kind of hummed in such a way that the scientists decided that they are like a series of chains.

Dropa is an alien race 7

So this is no ordinary story about meeting “aliens“!

The disks also say, according to the translation, that the aliens, after their spaceship crashed, hid in these caves for nine suns, that is, for nine days, in order to assure people already in the area that they would not harm them in any way. harm.

In 1995, in the news from China, on the eastern border of the Bian-Kara-Ula mountains (the same mountains, a different spelling), a strange tribe of 120 people was discovered, which no one had seen or heard about before.

The uniqueness of this tribe is that their height does not exceed three feet 10 inches. Skeptics, however, disagree. The skeletons may be an extinct species of mountain gorilla.

The disks may be the work of an intelligent artist who is well versed in the art of carving. And the natives of this area could have a short body and unique facial features, naturally, living in a remote area.

But has anyone ever heard of monkeys burying their dead in neat rows in caves? And how is it that an ancient legend tells the same story?

Who or what lived and died in these caves knows the real truth. For the rest, there is either a mystery here, or none at all.


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