Drinks that absolutely can not be drunk in the heat

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(ORDO NEWS) — The human body should regularly use fluid to function normally and maintain well-being. First of all, the question of how to quench thirst arises in the majority precisely in the hottest time of the year – in the summer. But still, you need to refuse to drink some drinks, even if you really want to.

Tops the list of unhealthy drinks during high air temperatures is the sweet favorite soda. Especially people like to drink this drink chilled. But the fact that a large amount of sugar is present in soda indicates that this liquid not only does not help quench your thirst, but can even lead to a set of extra unwanted pounds in weight.

They are not inferior to carbonated drinks in the amount of sugar in the composition of tetra pack juices. This is precisely the reason why it will not be possible to restore the water balance in the body with this drink.

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In the same list of delicious and sweet, but completely useless in the heat of drinks include stewed fruit and lemonade. Also, because of the sugar content, it is better to refuse from their use in the hot season, since they can only increase thirst.

Can quench your thirst with cold beer. But still it is not recommended to use it when the air temperature is high. It is worth abandoning beer primarily because it leads to intoxication, which negatively affects the heart and blood vessels, which the body can not cope without consequences.

The same goes for all other alcoholic drinks. Alcohol itself has a detrimental effect on the body, but during hot weather, it also provokes the kidneys to remove water faster. And for an already dehydrated body of a person, excessively rapid loss of water will only cause a deterioration in well-being.


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