Dried 400-year-old butterfly found in an ancient directory

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(ORDO NEWS) — In one of the old reference books belonging to the collector, they found a 400-year-old butterfly. In 1996, the book was donated to the library of the University of Cambridge, and now, a quarter of a century later, such an amazing find was discovered by accident. Despite such a great age, the specimen of the insect is perfectly preserved.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

The guide was published in 1634 and is called the “theater of insects”. This is the first edition of its kind to be published in England. The specimen is quite valuable and rare.

The find was discovered by Jenny Leckie-Thompson. She is the Chief Librarian at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. The woman was just looking through various guides about animals, about nature and came across a dried butterfly. According to the woman, the specimen has survived very well, the pollen has not lost its brightness, the pattern on the wings, the body of the insect and the legs are clearly visible.

The handbook once belonged to Lawrence Stengman (a former student of the same college). He died in 1980, and the man’s family donated the book to the library. “Theater of insects” was kept in a closet for valuable publications. If Jenny did not want to look through this old reference book, it is not known how long no one would have known about such a valuable find.


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