Dozens of turtles and dolphins have been found dead in Guatemala

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(ORDO NEWS) — Up to 65 turtles and 14 dolphins have been found dead on Guatemala’s Pacific coast, and Guatemalan authorities are currently investigating, the National Council of Protected Areas of Guatemala said.

Although the olive ridley is considered the most common species of sea turtle, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed it as “Vulnerable”.

The organization names several threats to its survival, including human encroachment, pollution and climate change.

The organization, which did not specify the exact location of the find, said the first remains were found on Monday and the last on Wednesday afternoon.

Conap believes that the deaths of these individuals, which is not common in this Central American country, may be caused by heavy rains in recent days, which carried some toxic waste from land to sea and may have affected marine life.

Experts in the Central American country will now be examining the remains of the animals to determine the cause of their deaths, as the Marine Conservation Center, along with other animal welfare organizations, will conduct “necropsy to scientifically determine the causes,” Konap detailed.

Local authorities, along with volunteers, are also looking to see if more dead individuals are found.


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