Dozens of mink infected with coronavirus have escaped from Danish farms

(ORDO NEWS) — Europe may become a hotbed of coronavirus infection, as minks released into the wild can infect wild animals. We previously reported that minks have become carriers of the virus in Denmark. New information says about the daily escaping from farms of animals.

Every farm several thousand minks are missing every year: animals find a way to escape. 5% of all animals can be infected, said Sten Mortensen of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Denmark decided to kill all minks in order to prevent a second epidemic, only among animals. Despite drastic measures, there are still millions of animals on farms. The study of animals has revealed a mutated strain that can be found in both animals and humans. A significant difference between the mutation and the initial form of the coronavirus can nullify the effectiveness of vaccines. At the stage when some tools have already been created and even presented, such a scenario cannot be allowed.

Danish law cannot oblige farmers to get rid of healthy animals. To date, the mink population has decreased from 17 million to 10 million. The feasibility of the measures taken is in doubt: scientists cannot say for sure that the virus in new organisms will acquire completely different properties and characteristics.

Zoologists noted that minks are solitary, that is, they hardly come into contact with other animals. The risk of a new epidemic emerging is extremely low. It is there in case someone eats the mink or comes into contact with its feces.

In any case, there is no need to hope for the condescension of heaven, because with the spread of the disease even among animals, it is not known whether humanity will be able to overcome the epidemic.


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