Double impact: a new theory of the origin of the moon has appeared

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from all over the world previously agreed that the Moon was formed from the collision of the planet Theia with the Earth. In addition, there is some other theory.

Reported by The Planetary Science Journal.

Some time ago, scientists conducted another study that concerns the origin of the satellite of our planet. It demonstrated that the Moon could have formed as a result of several completely different catastrophes of a cosmic nature.

Eric Asfog, who works at the University of Arizona, noted that the usual model for the formation of a natural satellite of the Earth has certain drawbacks. For example, it indicates that the origin was mostly from the impact planet. At the same time, isotopic chemistry is almost completely consistent with that observed on Earth.

This may indicate that there were at least two strong blows to our planet, which occurred with an average difference of 100 thousand to a million years.

Experts believe that such a double impact at that time was normal for our solar system and it provoked the appearance of a huge number of satellites.


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