Door gap has nothing to do with it: why it’s cold on airplanes at the emergency exit

(ORDO NEWS) — Sitting in emergency exit seats on an airplane can be cold. Why is this happening? Explained by the FrequentFlyers portal.

The first assumption is that hatches and doors have a certain gap between the door and the fuselage. That’s where the cold air comes in.

However, the truth is that the aircraft cabin is pressurized, if the door is loose, the air will escape from the cabin to the outside.

The second assumption: cold air through the gap can be forced by the oncoming air flow. This assumption is broken down by a simple fact: emergency exits are located on the side, and planes do not fly sideways.

The authors note that there is no gap at all. The reason for the cold lies in the fact that a layer of insulation is laid between the metal skin of the aircraft and the cabin panels, and there is less insulation inside the hatches and especially the doors.

There is no insulation at all around the perimeter of doors, hatches and their openings. The air from the air conditioning and ventilation system, flowing along the cold interior elements, also gives them some of its heat and becomes colder.

Therefore, it seems that it is blowing cold.


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