Doomsday glacier in Antarctica is melting at an alarming rate

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(ORDO NEWS) — The Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica is called the Doomsday Glacier, as it is capable of raising the level of the World Ocean by 3.1 meters in the event of complete melting. According to the latest findings, the melting process is proceeding much faster than previously predicted by experts.

Scientists from the University of Gothenburg were able to study the lower part of the ice formation in West Antarctica with the help of the RAN robotic apparatus. As it turned out, warm waters flow there, which accelerate the process of destruction. Sooner or later, the glacier will collapse, the level of the World Ocean in an instant will rise by at least half a meter.

The glacier area is 192 thousand square meters. km. According to the collected data, the temperature of the passing streams reaches + 1 ° С. Especially frightening is the fact that this water is in direct contact with ice.

Experts fear that after the collapse of the glacier, a chain of events will arise that will lead to fatal consequences. For example, the Thwaites glacier can pull other ice blocks along with it. All this will lead to the flooding of some territories and the disappearance of a number of islands from the face of the Earth.


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