Don’t like blue cheese? It’s all about your genes

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people dislike Gorgonzola (a type of blue cheese). As it turns out, it may seem “soapy” to them because of four genes that affect taste!

As it turned out, some people are simply not destined to fall in love with blue cheese.

Interestingly, one of these genes, STY9, is very close to the “coriander gene” on chromosome 11, which has been found to be responsible for one in five people experiencing a detergent-like aroma when consuming this herb. Other genes include PDE4B, AVL9 and HTR1B.

What about cheese?

Dont like blue cheese Its all about your genes 2

Scientists in northern Italy conducted a study of 219 people aged 18 to 77 and found that two-thirds (65.8%) of them said that at least one variety of Gorgonzola (a total of 6 varieties were offered) seemed soapy to them. to taste.

The authors of the work also analyzed the DNA of those who participated in the study, in an attempt to find out which genes were common in these people and whether they could influence taste.

All four discovered genes (SYT9, PDE4B, AVL9 and HTR1B) are involved in olfactory or gustatory processes associated with the perception of soap aroma and taste.

“In the future, knowledge of genetic variants associated with food preferences may help develop new personalized strategies to promote consumer health and prevent diet-related diseases,” the authors write.


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