Donald Trump’s son calls Joe Biden a pedophile and then explains

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Donald Trump‘s eldest son posted an image on Instagram that was controversial, suggesting that Democratic candidate Joe Biden is a pedophile. The New York Times denounced a “baseless accusation”, which prompted the businessman to justify his remarks.

While the United States is the country most affected by the Covid-19, the race for the White House remains a priority for some. Donald Trump Jr., the President’s eldest son, described Joe Biden as a pedophile in a controversial publication on the social network Instagram.

The reaction of the New York Times was published the same day, Saturday, May 16, when political journalist Jonathan Martin spoke of an “incendiary and baseless accusation which illustrates the President’s tactics to erase the advantage of Mr. Biden in the main state polls”.

Sharing his article on Twitter, he visibly irritated the American businessman, who said he was “joking” while justifying his attack with four photos showing the Democratic candidate putting his hands on children.

“If the media don’t want people to make jokes about Joe being creepy, then maybe he should stop the touching and keep his hands on him,” said Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter.

The former Vice President of the United States has been charged with inappropriate behavior towards adult women, which he has always denied, admitted Mr. Martin, but this has never been the case with children.

Donald Trump’s inappropriate behavior

The journalist did not fail to recall the questionable behavior of his own father, who was the subject of around twenty charges of sexual misconduct. In 2005, he boasted in particular of having sexually assaulted women by grabbing them by their private parts.

The American President was for almost 20 years the owner of the organization “Miss Universe“, which included the “Miss USA” and “Miss Teen USA” contests. Young teenage girls testified in 1997 and 2001 that they saw him walking around their locker room while they were changing.

Facebook ads to disparage his opponent

This year, with a view to being re-elected next November, Donald Trump bought a series of Facebook ads, portraying Joe Biden as an “old and old-fashioned” man when he was only four years older, clarified the New York Times . The daily claims that this is a scorched earth campaign to make people forget their mismanagement of the coronavirus epidemic.

In this regard, Biden’s spokesperson said that “no disgusting and manipulative tactics will make us forget how 90,000 Americans paid for Donald Trump’s neglect of the coronavirus and the way the economy that he got from the Obama-Biden administration is now suffering from a level of job loss similar to that of the Great Depression.”

Six months before the presidential elections, Mr. Trump is also betting on a smear campaign against Barack Obama, by repeatedly using the formula of “Obamagate” (a reference to Watergate in 1974), without, however, providing concrete information on these revelations. His predecessor has seen his popularity soar in recent weeks, and his black electorate may well tip the scales in favor of the Democratic candidate.


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