Domed magma uplift found in Yellowstone caldera

(ORDO NEWS) — 640 thousand years ago, a large-scale event took place on the planet: the Yellowstone supervolcano woke up. A small number of scientists believe that a new eruption is not worth waiting for, since the volcano is old. Most experts are already preparing for the possible consequences of the eruption.

Caldera deformation may indicate an impending catastrophe. Volcanologist Robert Smith of the University of Utah was able to find a method to track changes in this caldera. As it turned out, the water in the local lake rises and falls, depending on the deformation of the territory. The lake basin periodically tilts, the water level at different ends of the lake is constantly changing.

What lies behind the “breath” of Yellowstone Park

Observation of the supervolcano made it possible to find out that over the past half century, the caldera has risen by about 2/3 meters. After a while, experts came to the conclusion that this is normal: there are both stages of rise and fall.

Recent changes in the caldera indicate a domed uplift of magma. Magma could invade the crust or heat the hydrothermal system, causing it to expand and lift the crust. The rise, as a rule, takes a decade, and then comes a period of stability. The second stage lasts about a year, at which time the water level in the lake drops sharply.

All signs now point to magma rising. Some experts believe that one day can be followed by a large-scale explosion.


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