Dog jumped on woman’s belly and saved her life

(ORDO NEWS) — In the English urban area of ​​South Tyneside, Tyne and Wear County, a Chihuahua jumped on her owner’s stomach, helped diagnose a fatal disease and thus saved her life. It is reported by Chronicle Live.

Tess Robison, 41, said her dog, named Lola, began to behave strangely: she became more attached to her mistress and followed her around the house. Moreover, according to the British, the pet periodically checked whether she was breathing.

One day, Lola jumped on Robison’s stomach and caused her great pain. A strange bump remained at the spot where the dog landed, which prompted the woman to seek medical attention.

“I didn’t feel bad, I was just bloated and my back hurt. I looked like I was four months pregnant,” explained the Briton.

During the examination, it turned out that Robison had the third stage of ovarian cancer. She underwent the necessary surgery, during which it turned out that the cancer had spread to the intestines. Then the British woman underwent a course of chemotherapy.

“Lola literally saved my life, I am so grateful to her. If I had left it for later, I wouldn’t be here today,” Robison admitted.


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