Does the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon also manifest itself in the Baltic

(ORDO NEWS) — The phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle also manifests itself in the Baltic. This was stated by Polish scientists, having examined a number of inexplicable facts.

In the early morning of August 23, 1979, two fishing boats left the port of Hel in the Gulf of Gdansk and arrived in the fishing area, located 70 kilometers from the coast, at the very borders of Soviet territorial waters. There were already two Soviet trawlers there, and a merchant ship was sailing in the distance.

We started fishing. Suddenly, several red balloons appeared in the sky. Despite the “zigzags” that the boat made on the captain’s order, one of the balls repeated all the maneuvers of the vessel so that it was always ahead and exactly in front of its nose.

Soon, the team members were seized with an incomprehensible fear, they felt a headache and nausea, it became difficult to breathe, and signs of clouding of consciousness appeared. At the same time, all electrical appliances stopped working on the boat.

Finally, after repeated changes in the course of the ship, the red ball soared up and disappeared. Electrical appliances worked. Both ships changed course and immediately went ashore, to the base in Hal.

The team members were immediately examined by the doctors of the naval base, but in addition to a nervous breakdown and. no abnormalities were found.

The newspaper of the Polish Army on March 5, 1992 reported that the Baltic has its own “Devil’s Triangle”. It was about the mysterious (and not the first) death of a fishing boat. The tragedy happened in clear windless weather and happened almost instantly.

The vessel and its equipment were in perfect working order. When the fishing was over, the ship lay adrift with the engine off. On deck, the team selected fish from the nets. Suddenly, without any reason, the boat lurched sharply and almost lay sideways on the water.

The minder rushed to the engine room to start the engine. But he didn’t. The boat turned over and began to sink. Of the eight crew members, seven survived. The brave minder died.

One of the leading Polish ufologists, Robert Lesniakevich, believes that UFOs are involved in similar tragedies in the Baltic (as well as in the Bermuda Triangle).

The scenario for the development of events can be as follows: a UFO hangs over the ship and, acting with its energy fields, paralyzes people and renders all technical devices inoperable. Further, according to the ufologist, one of the following options can be realized:

  • The ship is transferred to the space-time dimension of another world
  • The ship is transferred to another planet or to the inner underworld of our planet (in accordance with the hypothesis of the existence of underground city-kingdoms of Agarta and Shambhala)
  • Enlonauts take only people from the ship, and the ship is sunk
  • The enlonauts take away the ship’s crew, but the ship itself is not touched, and it turns into the “Flying Dutchman”, which drifts without visible signs of damage

It is appropriate to add that 13 days after the appearance of a UFO over fishing boats, namely, on September 5, 1972, at about four in the morning, a luminous red ball appeared over an ambulance on the coast of the Gulf of Gdansk.

In addition to four doctors, the ball was observed by two more bystanders. This time, the ball had no effect on people.


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