Doctors told why you want to sleep all the time

(ORDO NEWS) — The reasons why a person constantly wants to sleep can be very different. Quite often this occurs due to constant stress, the presence of chronic diseases, fatigue, as a result of taking certain medications.

Very often, the appearance of drowsiness is provoked by antidepressants. To determine the exact cause, it is worth visiting a therapist and undergoing an examination. If necessary, the patient will be additionally referred for an appointment with a somnologist.

Sleep is considered healthy – no more than 7-9 hours a day. If a person sleeps too much, it greatly harms his health. Experts are sure that there is some relationship between the fact that a person sleeps a lot and has a lack of energy.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that when people sleep too much, this leads to a decrease in performance. Serious memory problems and anxiety may also appear.

Over time, the body will get used to it and will want to sleep during the day all the time. Other negative consequences include the following:

  • Heart problems. Due to long sleep, the risk of developing heart disease increases several times.
  • Overweight. Sleep causes a marked decrease in physical activity. Accordingly, the minimum number of calories is burned.
  • Diabetes. People who sleep a lot do not have enough movement and may even be obese. Together, this leads to the development of diabetes.
  • It becomes more difficult for people to do their usual things, because they fail to concentrate on the tasks at hand. In the event that a person sleeps a lot, but wakes up regularly, then there is a lack of sleep and brain cells do not have time to fully recover.
  • A depressive state that can be both a cause and a result. A person may sleep a lot due to depression, or prolonged sleep provokes the development of a depressive state.
  • Headaches make a person sleep more, but after that, the attacks will become much stronger. Excessive sleep triggers certain neurotransmitters in the brain that adversely affect a person.

Causes of drowsiness can be psychological, physical, the result of lifestyle. Of course, sometimes you need to take an extra break, but if this did not allow you to cheer up, and on the contrary, your health worsened, then you need to pay more attention to the state of your body.


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