Doctors told who is strictly forbidden to eat mandarins

(ORDO NEWS) — The most popular winter fruit is, of course, tangerines. Fragrant, sweet citrus people eat in huge quantities during the winter. It turns out that they can actually be harmful to the body.

Doctors warn that excessive consumption of tangerines is not entirely beneficial. For some people, this fruit is completely dangerous. Of course, these citrus fruits have a lot of vitamins: C, K, D and B.

Mandarins are also rich in magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and selenium. They also contain zinc and iron, as well as natural antiseptics – phytoncides.

It would seem that what can such fruits be dangerous? They have so many useful things, a pleasant taste and aroma. In fact, this is not the case. If you eat more than the norm, unpleasant symptoms may appear.

An allergic reaction is also possible. Tangerines irritate the intestinal mucosa and the stomach itself. Therefore, people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract should be careful.

Doctors warn that tangerines are not recommended for people with sick kidneys.

Due to the acids contained in citrus fruits, it is possible to provoke the release of stones. An excess of vitamin A puts a strain on the liver.

Well, of course, people with allergies are most at risk. Tangerines provoke an allergic reaction: from rashes on the body to angioedema. An acute allergic reaction can cause sudden death.

And it is better to exclude them from the diet of people with diabetes. The fact is that the fruit can cause an increase in blood sugar.

An adult does not need to eat more than 4 pieces per day, and 1 tangerine per day is enough for a child.

In order not to expose the child’s body to danger, it is necessary to introduce this fruit into the diet gradually.

Women in the third trimester of pregnancy should also give up tangerines so as not to harm the baby.


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