Doctors told what time of day it is best not to drink coffee

(ORDO NEWS) — All coffee addicts will find this article very useful. Nutritionists have studied the effects of coffee on the human body at different times of the day. There has already been a lot of research on the dangers and benefits of this drink. And only now there are recommendations when it is better to give up a cup of espresso. If you work in an office then you know the effect that coffee has on employees and how much they need it to get by. Nowadays the old way of drinking bad coffee from a pot is out and new machines from businesses like as well as other coffee companies, are front and centre at delivering what people want.

Nutritionists have named a number of conditions under which coffee negatively affects your well-being. First, it’s best to skip coffee in the afternoon. Sherron Katzman (polar nutritionist) forbids his patients from drinking coffee in the afternoon. The main reason for the ban is that caffeine disrupts sleep.

The doctor suggests an alternative – drink cold coffee. This drink contains more caffeine and you won’t be able to drink much of it. One cup of cold coffee is enough for the whole day. Ella Davar, MD, also favors cold morning coffee.

Limit yourself to two cups of hard liquor a day. If you drink more, you will not feel any influx of energy; on the contrary, you will get tired faster and become irritable. Scientists claim that 4 cups a day shortens life.

There is no worse idea than coffee on an empty stomach. Heartburn, digestive problems, indigestion are just a few of the reasons why coffee on an empty stomach is dangerous. Also, it is not recommended to drink the drink in its pure form, it is better to add milk to it. Which milk to choose: soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, cow milk – it doesn’t matter, it’s a matter of taste.

Drinking coffee is also dangerous if your cholesterol is high. It can increase the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood. Be sure to consult your doctor if you have this problem.


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