Doctors told how people feel before death

(ORDO NEWS) — Physicians have no idea what happens to a person after death, but they can tell in sufficient detail about how the dying person feels. Death is a completely natural process that occurs in the body, dividing into several stages. Moreover, the speed of this process can be different for each dying person.

This is reported by Science Focus.

Sometimes the dying person needs constant medical attention to make the process more comfortable. The closer to death, the less interest a person has in food and drink. The dying also constantly experience a lack of energy and very severe weakness.

As a rule, sleep helps to restore strength and gain energy, but the closer to the end of life, the less it affects the body. Dying people, as shown by numerous practice, are very little awake. From the outside it may seem that this is a dream, but in fact it is something completely different. A person plunges into a completely unconscious state and gradually stays in it for more and more time.

In the last hours before death, the heart begins to beat more slowly, blood pressure drops, the skin begins to cool, and the nails darken. All internal organs practically cease to function. At the same time, there may still be some periods of anxiety or confusion in the dying person, but unconsciousness wins in the end result. Despite the fact that the dying person himself does not react to what is happening around him, his brain continues to perceive all sounds until the last breath.


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