Doctors recorded a new atypical symptom of coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Doctors began to receive information about the atypical symptom of coronavirus, which consists in the appearance of red and purple bumps on the fingers and toes. As a rule, such bumps occur during frostbite.

Bumps began to appear in people with coronavirus, even in the warm season, so there was no talk of frostbite. Doctors were alarmed until they stated that skin manifestations are one of the unusual symptoms of coronavirus.

Bumps on the fingers were seen in 12,000 patients during the study. According to those infected, the formations can sometimes hurt, but not itch. After the damaged areas have healed, the upper part of the skin exfoliates.

Skin biopsies of children have helped to figure out how inflammation of the skin can generally be associated with an infection that targets completely different organs. The virus was also found to be present in endothelial cells and sweat glands. Lumps can be a sign of endothelial damage.

According to the conclusions of the American Academy of Dermatology and the International League of Dermatological Societies, formations on the hands can persist for 15 days, the problem itself may not leave a person for 130-150 days.

The emergence of a new symptom makes it possible to better understand which viral disease a person has contracted. Particularly external signs are important in cases where the disease is mild.


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