Doctors have suggested that mold is the culprit of severe lung disease

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Bergen have found that the composition of the microbiome in the lower respiratory tract is disrupted in patients with sarcoidosis.

To test whether the composition of the microbiome is disrupted in sarcoidosis, the researchers enrolled 35 patients and 35 healthy controls in the study.

In patients with sarcoidosis, the lung microbiome has indeed been altered. In particular, they had a greater diversity of Aspergillus species in their lower respiratory tract and lower levels of antimicrobial peptides compared to healthy individuals.

The study points to a possible link between the lower respiratory tract microbiome and disease progression in sarcoidosis.

The lower respiratory tract was long thought to be sterile, but it has recently been found that it has its own set of constantly present microbes.

Sarcoidosis is a systemic inflammatory disease that is difficult to diagnose and treat, and its causes and mechanism remain unclear.

Patients are characterized by the accumulation of immune cells of granulomas in the lungs. Some scientists suggest that sarcoidosis may be caused by an infectious pathogen.


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