Doctors have identified a previously unknown symptom of COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — The coronavirus pandemic does not even plan to disappear in the near future, so scientists continue to study it. In the course of large-scale studies on the effect of the virus on the body, it was found that one of the symptoms is hiccups, reports the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

A new symptom, fortunately not dangerous, was revealed by American doctors from the Cook Hospital in Chicago. They proved that persistent hiccups can also indicate the presence of a virus, but often no one pays attention to it.

A 62-year-old citizen turned to the hospital for help, he complained of constant hiccups and weight loss. There were no typical symptoms of coronavirus (fever, nasal congestion, etc.). The doctors decided to take an x-ray of the lungs and they were right: they saw darkening in the upper part of the right lung in the picture. A number of tests were taken from the man and was diagnosed with coronavirus.

According to experts, hiccups are associated with damage to the nerve located in the area of ​​the respiratory tract diaphragm. Doctors have recognized hiccups as an atypical symptom of Covid-19, which should be paid attention to by both patients and doctors.

The main symptoms of the disease are considered: fever, cough, shortness of breath, increased fatigue even from simple things, headaches, loss of taste and smell. It is also common for patients to experience nausea and diarrhea.

Most cases of coronavirus are mild, so people do not even suspect that they have become infected. It is atypical symptoms such as hiccups that may indicate this. Today there are more than 21.5 million patients in the world. The number of cases has increased dramatically in recent days, so doctors are urging to take care of yourself.


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