Doctors have discovered the key to healthy aging

(ORDO NEWS) — There are many ways to ensure a more comfortable and healthy aging, but this time, the doctors at the National Institutes of Health have found the easiest of them: you just need to drink more water.

It is well known that different people age differently. While someone maintains a youthful appearance for a long time, someone is rapidly decrepit.

While some live out their lives without serious health problems, others suffer from age-related diseases.

As the average age of the population is rising in many countries, the challenge for researchers is to find and develop ways to make people age comfortably.

This will allow them to maintain health and labor activity for many years.

Previously, scientists have already found that life-long restriction of mice in water shortens their life by about half a year, which is comparable to 15 years of a human life.

Now researchers from the National Institutes of Health (USA) have tested the hypothesis that the optimal amount of water in the diet of middle-aged people can slow down the aging process.

To do this, they used data collected in another study that linked lack of water to the risk of heart failure. The sample included 15,752 people aged 45 to 66 who were followed up for 25 years.

To determine how much water a person drinks, scientists analyzed the sodium content in their blood serum.

To assess the relative rate of aging, the biological age was calculated and the risks of chronic diseases and premature death were assessed.

It turned out that people who did not drink enough water in middle age had a 40 percent increased risk of developing chronic diseases in old age.

According to the findings, people with a serum sodium level of more than 142 millimoles per liter are at “risk” for a number of diseases, such as heart failure, stroke, diabetes and dementia.

While more research is needed to get people with the “wrong” sodium to drink more water, a simple blood test can already tell patients what they might face in old age.

According to researchers, about half of people around the world drink significantly less than the norm per day.

Not always the reason for this is the lack of access to fresh water. Additional preventive work will be required to improve the health of the population without significant financial costs.


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