Doctors gave advice on how to get rid of nightmares

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(ORDO NEWS) — From time to time, every person has nightmares, but if they become a frequent phenomenon, then this is an alarming sign, doctors say. Stress, anxiety, health problems, taking certain medications and even overeating in the evenings can cause poor sleep. This is reported by Eхргеѕ.

In order to get rid of nightmares, it is first necessary to adjust the mode of sleep and wakefulness . Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time. It may be difficult at first, but after a few weeks you will get used to it and wake up without an alarm clock and fall asleep soon after going to bed. Such a schedule will contribute to more peaceful and stable sleep.

Relaxation before bed – try to create some special ritual before bed. For example, taking your time to drink a cup of chamomile tea while reading a good book or take a warm bath. A few hours before bedtime, turn off all gadgets. Be sure to ventilate the room shortly before going to bed.

Write an expressive letter – this is how psychologists advise to cope with stress. Express all your emotions on paper. This technique will reduce the level of stress and help to cope with anxious thoughts. Writing can be replaced by keeping a diary.

You should refuse to drink alcoholic beverages in the evenings. They block REM sleep and cause a general shortening of sleep phases. In addition, under the influence of alcohol, you often have strange and confusing dreams, which can also turn into nightmares.

Do not overeat in the evening – this interferes with a full night’s rest, and therefore can cause nightmares.

If the nightmares do not go away for a long time and none of the above helps to cope with them, you should consult a doctor. After all, the reasons can be quite specific disorders in the body or diseases that require qualified treatment.


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