Doctors found changes in the brain in a patient with coronavirus

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(ORDO NEWS) — Some patients with a positive Covid-19 test complain of a lack of smell and taste. Italian doctors were able to record such abnormalities for the first time using brain MRI.

The patient was a 25-year-old woman who worked as a radiologist in the department for people with coronavirus infection. It is interesting that the patient did not have a temperature: there was only a dry cough, a violation of the taste buds and a complete lack of smell.

The woman did nasal fibroscopy and chest tomography, however, such studies did not reveal anything.

The situation became clear only after MRI. The examination showed that in the right straight gyrus there was a region of hyperintensity, the focus was weaker also in the olfactory bulbs. The woman immediately did a test for coronavirus, he showed a positive result.

After 28 days of active treatment, the woman re-did an MRI of the brain. As expected, no deviations were noticed. The patient could again smell and taste the food.

According to researchers whose article was published in JAMA Neurology, coronavirus can penetrate the brain through the olfactory pathway, exerting a negative effect on it. It is important to note that not all patients can see changes in the brain.

For example, in two other patients, MRI did not reveal anything, although they also had problems with smell and taste buds.

Thus, coronavirus can affect not only the stomach and lungs, but also the human brain.


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