Doctors called the cause of death of Bruce Lee

(ORDO NEWS) — Spanish scientists have studied archival data on the last months of the life of the great actor and martial artist.

They concluded that due to an unhealthy lifestyle, his kidneys were no longer able to cope with maintaining water homeostasis. As a result, Li developed severe sodium deficiency and cerebral edema, which led to his death at an early age.

“Be water, my friend,” Bruce Lee advised his followers. Ironically, it was water that caused his premature death in 1973.

Doctors from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) carefully examined the circumstances of the death of the actor, concluding that he died of hyponatremia – a deficiency of sodium ions associated with the inability of the kidneys to remove excess moisture from the body.

The legendary film actor, athlete and kung fu master died suddenly at just 32 years old. The doctors who performed the autopsy diagnosed cerebral edema , which had gained almost a couple of hundred milliliters of excess water.

Then it was associated with an abnormal reaction of the body to the painkiller ” Ekvagesik “. This drug contains aspirin and meprobamate, and today it is banned in many countries precisely because of the risk of severe side effects.

There are also conspiracy theories linking the early death of the actor with the “delayed death blow”, which a mysterious master inflicted on him a few days earlier, so that Bruce Lee would not make some “secret” martial arts techniques public.

However, a new analysis of the circumstances of the incident, conducted by Maria Vanessa Perez-Gomez (Maria Vanessa Perez-Gomez), gives a completely scientific picture of the death of the actor.

The authors note that although cerebral edema in response to Equaghesic is quite possible, autopsy might reveal other evidence of such a hypersensitivity reaction. In addition, Li complained of headache and dizziness even before taking the drug.

Therefore, scientists associate the cerebral edema, which became the immediate cause of death, with severe hyponatremia, which the actor developed due to a completely unhealthy lifestyle.

In particular, Lee was known to be addicted to marijuana, which causes increased thirst, and constantly drank large amounts of liquid.

At the same time, he did not eat enough solid food: according to the recollections of his wife and doctors, in recent months, Lee was limited mainly to apple and carrot juices.

This diet is sometimes referred to as “Tea and toast syndrome”. It usually occurs in extremely elderly people who are unable to cook normal meals for themselves, and leads to a lack of vitamins, fiber and many other essential nutrients in the body.

According to some reports, Lee also took diuretics to make his muscles look more prominent on the screen. Finally, in the last period of his life, he also abused alcohol, drinking “from two to 20 ceramic bottles of sake a day.”

All these factors could not endure even his trained body. The kidneys could no longer cope with removing fluid from the body and maintaining water homeostasis, which led to a severe deficiency of sodium salts.

This version is confirmed by the event recorded by Bruce Lee’s relatives, which happened a couple of months before his death.

Then the actor suddenly became ill: he vomited, he lost consciousness, convulsions began. Soon the attack passed, but it could already indicate acute kidney damage, hyponatremia and developing cerebral edema, which was not diagnosed in time.

Even after that, Lee continued to lead an extremely exhausting lifestyle. His condition worsened until he died suddenly in a hospital in Hong Kong.


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