Doctors called diseases that can be identified by body odor

(ORDO NEWS) — The smell of the human body can tell a lot about it, so you should always pay attention to it. Also, with its help, you can establish the presence of a disease at an early stage of development and start treatment on time.

The smell of the body can speak of a variety of diseases, so you need to know about the main ones.

  • Tonsillitis. Doctors note that there is a sweet supply from the mouth. Other signs of a problem include constant fatigue, headaches, and difficulty swallowing.
  • Sick liver. Liver diseases lead to the fact that the body cannot process ammonia and therefore the substance enters the blood in large quantities. The body tries to get rid of it in many ways. This causes the smell of ammonia from the mouth. Fatigue and lack of appetite, a constant feeling of satiety will indicate a diseased liver.
  • Cystitis. Doctors say that if the smell of urine becomes stronger and sharper, then there may be an infection in the bladder. The smell becomes pronounced due to the presence of bacteria. They provoke burning and pain during urination.
  • Diabetes mellitus. With increased sugar from the mouth, the smell of nail polish remover or acetone appears. The reason for this is that the body produces energy from fat, because it lacks insulin.
  • The inflammatory process in the stomach leads to the smell of fermented fruit. At the same time, there will be pain in the upper abdomen, nausea.
  • Kidney problems. When the skin acquires the smell of urine, you should immediately check your kidneys. In the presence of diseases, urea and creatinine are not excreted from the body with urine, but begin to be excreted along with sweat.

Be sure to pay attention to strange smells if they do not disappear for some time. Timely access to a doctor will increase the chances of successful treatment.


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