Doctor told who absolutely should not drink wine

(ORDO NEWS) — Red wine in small quantities is considered healthy, but there are those people to whom it can bring great harm.

The doctor said that for some categories of people, even one glass can significantly ruin life and health. Who is forbidden to drink wine and what can it turn into?

People with diabetes need to be very careful. Lynn Poston notes that most wines raise blood sugar or cause spikes, which is very dangerous.

In no case should you drink wine on an empty stomach, because this will lead to a sharp increase, and then a rapid decrease in glucose levels. As a result, hypoglycemia and even coma can develop.

It is contraindicated to drink wine for those who take painkillers or sedatives. They lead to the fact that the brain starts to work more slowly.

Exactly the same effect is observed when drinking alcohol. Together, they can cause problems with the central nervous system. In severe cases, a person can fall into a coma and also die as a result of respiratory arrest.

In the presence of asthma, even a glass of wine can trigger a severe asthmatic attack. The doctor says that sulfites are present in the composition of the wine.

Asthmatics are incredibly sensitive to these substances. When sulfites enter the body, they can provoke numerous adverse reactions.

Of course, you can not drink wine to people who take medications aimed at treating chronic alcoholism. It is worth paying attention to the fact that when drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, it is absorbed by the body too quickly and can seriously harm health.

If there is enough food in the stomach, then drinking alcohol will be safer, and its entry into the bloodstream will slow down several times.

People who eat before drinking alcohol, in most cases, feel much better. The blood flow becomes slower, and the body is actively working to absorb and remove it.


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