Doctor told what can cause constant heartburn

(ORDO NEWS) — People who experience heartburn on a regular basis are more likely to develop cancer. The most common problem is esophageal cancer.

For more information about exactly what signs may indicate that heartburn is turning into cancer, said James East, who works at the Mayo Clinic in London.

The expert notes that regular irritation of the esophagus can provoke a variety of changes that significantly increase the risk of developing cancer. Sometimes chronic heartburn can turn into a very serious form of reflux. This pathology can also be called GERD.

Constant heartburn affects the fact that various negative processes can begin to occur in the tissues of the lower esophagus.

People who suffer from acid reflux are advised to contact a specialist immediately in order to learn more about the possible manifestations of the disease.

Problems with the esophagus can be indicated by difficulty swallowing, a burning sensation, and pain in the chest area. In addition, there are problems with digestion and often worried about heartburn.

Additional consultation and examination may be required if a person regularly coughs or even wheezes, there is pain in his throat, and there is an infection in the sinuses.

In pharmacies, you can find a huge number of products with which you can quickly get rid of an unpleasant burning sensation.

It is not worth it to abuse such medicines. It is best to add certain foods to your diet that will help regulate acidity. Bananas, papaya, oatmeal help to cope well with heartburn.

Papaya contains a certain enzyme that has a positive effect on digestion, eliminates indigestion and nausea, and relieves heartburn.

The presence of bananas in the diet will help protect the walls of the esophagus and eliminate irritation. The fruit contains those enzymes that are aimed at improving digestion. Bananas allow the intestines to function better.

Very well helps to solve the problem of heartburn oatmeal. It contains a minimum amount of fat, quite a lot of fiber and very quickly soothes the stomach. The ideal option would be to alternate it with buckwheat, rice and millet porridge.


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