Doctor spoke about ways to relieve intoxication

(ORDO NEWS) — Evgeny Brun, chief freelance psychiatrist-narcologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, said that after overeating or drinking alcohol, sour drinks should be drunk so that intoxication goes away much easier.

According to Brune, if during the holidays it was not possible for you to refrain from overeating or drinking too much alcohol, then it is important to stop on time.

The state of post-intoxication is facilitated by acidic drinks: if the body tolerates dairy products well, you can drink kefir. You can also drink cranberry juice or just water with lemon says Evgeny Brun.

According to the doctor, abuse of even the most common liquid is fraught with edema, and strong tea or coffee creates an additional burden on the body, which is not very useful in a state of intoxication. He advises drinking broths and soups, as well as quitting alcohol in the morning, even if you are very ill.


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