Doctor explained why some people should not eat dumplings from the store

(ORDO NEWS) — Dietitian, member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists Natalya Kruglova told which category of people should not eat dumplings bought in a store.

The reason is that it is a factory-prepared product. According to technology, meat and spices of a certain variety are put into such dumplings; fats and food additives can be added to enhance the taste.

This can lead to overeating. Therefore, people prone to weight gain, obesity, such dumplings should be consumed in a limited way.

In addition, as the doctor noted, store-bought dumplings must be completely excluded from the diet in case of exacerbation of ulcers, gastritis, gastroduodenitis.

Kruglova also advised caution in using dumplings for gout, since the use of animal protein is significantly limited in this disease.

To make dumplings more useful, the specialist suggested making dough for the product with the addition of whole grain flour, because it contains dietary fiber and B vitamins, magnesium.

And it is better to use low-fat meat – poultry or beef.


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