Doctor explained the main difference between “Omicron” from other strains of coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Candidate of Medical Sciences, clinical pharmacologist Andrei Kondrakhin explained the important and, perhaps, the main difference between Omicron and other strains of coronavirus.

According to him, with this strain, the loss of smell is no longer a defining symptom, because such problems appear at the end of the disease, during recovery, and even after it.

The omicron-strain does not have gastrointestinal problems usual for “Delta”, the virus does not descend into the lungs, but remains in the bronchi.

At the same time, the specialist emphasized that Omicron could be quite dangerous and “cause a lot of trouble” if a surge in morbidity begins.

“Basically, the disease proceeds like a common ARVI. A person is worried about a runny nose, a cough, a slight increase in temperature is possible for several days, “Kondrakhin noted.


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