“Do you want to fly?” – a description of my UFO trip

(ORDO NEWS) — This year, as usual, I went to the glorious city of Pyatigorsk to rest. Someone likes to relax abroad, but I really like Pyatigorsk, especially its air so saturated with oxygen that you literally feel how it fills every cell of your body, and also the mountains.

By tradition, immediately upon arrival, I go to Mount Mashuk, where I just sit for half a day, enjoy the views and immerse myself in my thoughts, there you can really detach yourself from the whole world, and generally “clear your brains”.

Two weeks passed unnoticed, had a great rest, gained strength and was saturated with the energy of the mountains. On September 21, I packed my bags and went to bed early, because I had to go home early in the morning.

Then I suddenly woke up and was stunned by the fact that all the walls around me became translucent and I myself, lying on the bed, surrounded by an incredibly shining white light in which very beautiful sparks swirled, and which seemed to me to be not just light, but had a certain structure, density … I tried to raise my hand, then sit down, but felt the resistance of this light, which gently but firmly pressed me back to the bed.

The ceiling disappeared into this light. Rather, it became translucent. Like under X-rays, I saw the ceiling and floor beams, then the roof beams, and the slate roof itself. They were, but translucent.

Above the roof, I think an aircraft was hanging about 20 meters away. The shape is rather egg-shaped. Only without blunt and sharp ends, but symmetrical rounded edges. The size offhand is 10 meters, I think. The color is white, the surface is not dense, but like whipped cream, it was in motion all the time. Small waves flickered and passed over it. You could say it looked like this aircraft was “breathing”.

The device did not make any sounds. I then thought that my apartment is in the very center, the building is two floors, I am on the second floor and even at night this area is always full of vacationers, cars, taxi drivers, etc., etc. And then I realized that I was on the bed, and in fact the whole a room with a part of the house, a ceiling and a roof, now we are, as it were, in the same place, but at the same time in another dimension and no one sees what is happening.

Then, in this spaceship (let me call it that for brevity), a round window opened. Rather, it did not open, but simply formed. Now, if you pour water into a cup, then make a lot of soapy foam to cover the entire surface, and then turn on the water and the stream of water forms a “window” in this foam, this is how this “window” appeared in the spacecraft.

From the window stuck out the head of a bald man, who looked about fifty years old, and he asked me in an ordinary voice, “Do you want to ride?”

I could not answer him, because I was in some strange state from the influence of light, it squeezed me tightly, flowed around and fettered me. I tried to open my mouth, but realized that I could not say anything. I just thought, “Who doesn’t want to! Of course I do!”

To this he answered me, “You just look and you won’t ask for anything. You will look and come back. I agree – we flew. I do not agree – I flew further.”

It is clear that I agreed.

Now, remembering all this, I think that we did not speak at all, but communicated telepathically.

The light around me became denser, and a white beam (whiter than the one around me) began to slowly descend from above from the spacecraft. Small sparks also flew in this ray. I spread my arms and legs and slowly began to rise up.

It went up very slowly, it felt like an eternity. The ceiling and roof at the place where this ray was glowing disappeared completely. While I was climbing up this beam, white loose pants and the same white shirt with wide sleeves formed around my body, and on my legs there were also white (no sneakers :)) low sneakers without laces (similar to “sneakers”).

This is how I was drawn into the spacecraft by this beam. Sucked in, the beam disappeared, I’m standing on the floor, the window through which I got inside has already closed. The floor is soft under your feet a little crushed, as if you were walking on a soft and thick carpet.

I looked around, a large white hall and in appearance is much larger than the size of the aircraft, which I saw then hovering over the house. He went to the wall and touched it – soft, pleasant to the touch. Velvety. A strange comparison comes to mind like cotton plasticine. The walls glow a little. There was nothing in this rounded room – nothing at all. No appliances or anything else. Nothing at all.

The peasant that called me was not there. I stood there, touched the walls, walked back and forth and thought, “And, sit on what?”, And then a chair blew out of the wall. Yes, it did not appear, but it was blown out. It was an integral part of this wall. He sat down. Conveniently. Envelopes. You don’t even feel your weight. Cozy and easy.

Here it is not clear where the same man came from. An ordinary guy. 50 years old. Dressed in a crumpled brown pinstripe suit. Yes. A crumpled brown suit … A bit bald. Good eyes. Somehow he reminded me of Lenin 🙂 He apparently heard my thoughts and smiled. Then he moved his hand, straight, like a fairy princess from whose sleeve swans flew out, and after his wave a large window with rounded edges opened in the wall, and behind it was space.

I must say right away that during the entire trip I have not seen the Earth from the outside from space. When the window opened, space was visible. We were clearly flying, this was evident from the speed of displacement of the planets outside the window. Handsomely. Even I didn’t ask anything and he just stood and looked out the window. I did not see anything familiar outside the window. Some three planets flew by, located very close to one another, then there was a field of asteroids. Some flew very close.

In general, as a result of this trip, I got the impression that I was periodically “turned off” or, more logically, my memory was thoroughly cleaned up before landing on Earth. I think so because the whole trip is preserved in my memory, in some fragments.

I asked him where we were flying now. He replied, – To the White Planet. What am I to him – And what is ours? He answers me, – Your backyards, the bottom, there are those who have nowhere to fall below. I told him, – Can you improve? He replies, – It is possible, only rarely does this happen. Correction is not counted in one life, but during rebirth, everyone will adjust again.

Strange huh? To hear such words. So it was strange to me. A spaceship, planets are floating outside the window, asteroids are flying by and there is a little man in a crumpled jacket, bald, as simple as five kopecks. But I think this is due to telepathy. Communication is telepathic, and most likely the “translation” was adapted for me, for a simple, intelligible understanding of words. Well, you must admit, “Bottom” is short, succinct and much clearer than clear 🙂

I hear his voice, – “Arrived.” A door appeared in the wall, again just formed, and did not open. And again I have not seen the planet itself from space. And I look at him with a dumb question, “Why didn’t you let me see the planet from space?” And he grinned in response and that’s it. Let’s go says. I got up from the chair, cotton legs. I went to the opening, the ladder was lowered down, the same structure and color as the whole ship. Climbed down.

The first thing that impressed me was the air. I can’t convey, but it feels like listening to music. And smell, no – smells. Millions and you feel them all separately. Knee-deep grass. The colors are so rich and varied that it takes your breath away. Some kind of indescribable, but very beautiful flowers. Huge. And all sorts of mother-of-pearl butterflies fly here and there. Beetles, some, small and large, – well, well, and not just there they buzz banally, but it seems everyone sings, caresses the ear.

Animals run around in crowds, and quite familiar ones – roe deer, wild boars, hares, wolves and lynxes. And they all run together mixed. All are happy and healthy. And obviously with attraction there, something. It looks smaller than ours. And I felt myself lightly, and these roe deer and hares sighed so hard that it was simply unrealistic to do this with a normal force of gravity.

I’m standing in the grass, the air makes my head spin and it’s so nice. So many visual beauties almost overwhelmed the brain. I want to consider everything, everything is not earthly, and at the same time the hare flies past with the roe deer. The sun is setting on the horizon. And I want to look at everything, and I tell him, – “The sun is setting, now it will get dark, sorry. I did not have time to see everything.” He answers me, – “Don’t worry, you will have time. There are two suns, one will set, the second will rise.”

And exactly, one sun has set, and on the other hand, the second is already rising. Literally a little darkened, not darkness, but literally a few seconds faded after the first sunset and then dawn. And what kind. The beauty. Seeing so many colors at dawn is something.

“It’s dawn here for beauty, but in general it is always light and always summer,” he tells me.

Says – “Follow me”, we went on the grass. Tall, juicy colors, and most importantly, you crushed her with your feet, you look around, but she is not crumpled, she quickly returns as she was. We go, and around the animals are jumping. I wonder this, – “Why are they all mixed up? Predators and herbivores together and no one eats anyone?” – I ask.

“No, what are you?” That’s so short, but that’s how he said it, or said it telepathically. By the way, I still can’t understand. It would seem telepathy, and the shades of intonation of the spoken words are perfectly audible. He said it this way and looked at me that way that I realized that I had asked in general such nonsense that only an earthly creature could ask 🙂

We went out into a clearing, it is on a hillside, a mountain on the right, a river flows below. There is a valley on the right by the river, there are huts there. Well, like huts … How to describe the indescribable … In general, it looks like huts, only these are not huts, but a special shrub that grows and creates houses for people. Near the river, near the huts, in the trees, people are sitting, walking, standing or lying. Men and women. Everyone is dressed like me. Men in white shirts, pants and low-top sneakers, women in white dresses with wide sleeves, dresses long to the heels.

Some are dancing, some are dancing, some are sitting singing. They sniff flowers, but no one picks anything. They come up to flowers and sniff, but do not tear them. There are no structures at all. No benches, fireplaces and the like, no vegetable gardens, nothing. Only these huts, which were given to them by nature itself. Why do they need these huts, I still don’t understand, maybe they just have a rest, because they don’t sleep there at all. They do not sleep and do not get tired. Although they don’t eat anything. However, for all the time that I spent there, I saw once how a man and a woman ate some kind of purple fruit, but they again did not pick it, they just approached, stretched out their hands and the fruits themselves fell there.

And I still won’t calm down, I tell him, – “And where are the vegetable gardens, greenhouses? What do they eat in general?”
He looks at me like I’m a fool and says, “It’s always warm here. Fruits and berries are around, you don’t need to grow anything, and berries are not for saturation.”

“And if they eat a hare? There is running around the crowd of living creatures, are they really not eating?” – I ask him again. (Now I think that then these hares rested on my head).
“No. They will pick a flower. They will break the tree. They will kill a living creature … and they will go to your planet. And there are no such fools here among them,” he replies to me and grins again.

I think this is paradise. All are happy, carefree, creative, live in unity with nature and all nature here is united by kindness. Nobody breaks anything, uses what nature gives. They sing. Communicate. Poems are read. They just lie in the grass. Nobody ever gets sick there. And there they do not even relieve themselves.

I’m meticulous … drew attention to this. He heard this and told me that there is water and fruits, that’s all that is needed for the pleasure of life, and this water and fruits are such that people who live here do not need anything else and in general the organisms of these people are completely different, they are not the same as those of us on earth. Therefore, there is no waste material. And not only people there feed on energy, but in general all living things there essentially do not eat anything, and accordingly there is no waste of life. The grass does not dry out, the trees do not dry out. Waste-free production in general …

I almost forgot to write – there are children there, but they rarely appear and not from the mother’s womb. They appear as already formed personalities, apparently for two years, maximum three, I think so. Emerge from large flowers that grow near the river.

There is no carnal relationship there. No caresses, touches, kisses, and even more so sex. It was there that I just realized what real “Fruit of Love” is. Children are given there as a gift to those who have achieved unity of souls. As a fruit of the highest joy of life. I don’t know what else to say or how to explain it. Nobody gets old there. All in their prime. Children appear already formed and grow to the age of flowering. New children are very rare.

There is generally no such thing as a “pair of lovers” and few people go in pairs at all. There is no animal passion there, but only a spiritual connection. And if this spiritual connection really reached its peak, then they ask for a child. And they wait for a long time. There is a clearing by the river, and their flower grows on it. It grows slowly and within it their fruit of love grows. This flower looks beautiful, pink-red bud. No, not a bud … That’s like a box near a poppy flower. First, a beautiful flower, and then a box inside which the child is. While this flower is growing, they (the couple) go there and if their thoughts and feelings are pure and strong, then the flower grows, and if not, then it begins to dry. If they are worthy, they will be able to grow their “fruit of love”, if they are not worthy, the fruit will wither and its dust will scatter in the wind. If you could grow

There is only one value on the White Planet – life. In any of its manifestations and forms.

There is only one belief – in a supreme being. Only they do not pray to him, nothing like we have. There are no churches, chants and psalms there. They are simply grateful to him for life, and he feels it and knows about it.

He is the Creator of everything.

Said – “It’s time” – went back to the ship. On the way we talked and as far as I understood, this spaceship is not the only one, there are many of them all and different. They and those who fly on them serve him – the Creator of everything. Ordinary hard workers, each with their own tasks and responsibilities. Everything must be followed.

This “Pyramid of Life” looks like this: There are 5 planets in total (now the creation of the 6th is ending). At the top of the pyramid is the White Planet, it is the highest level of personality (soul) development. Below are two planets, life there is not so easy and there are difficulties. Two even lower, there is generally darkness. I was on the White and Red planets, the last of the 5 is the Red one. And everywhere on all planets, everyone is pursuing one goal – to earn life on the White Planet.

Where is the Earth in these 5 planets? And she’s not there at all. Bottom.

I asked him why the main (Creator of everything) needs all this. All this fuss with planets, migrations, etc., etc. “Why does he need all this fuss? All these troubles? For what?”, – so he asked. And in response, he did not say anything to me, he just laughed. In general, this man in a crumpled brown jacket … Maybe he was himself … I don’t know, but such a thought comes to me …

We approached the spaceship and I see that I am beginning to disappear. I see grass through my palm. I become transparent. He says to me – “It’s time for you to return to Earth.” And I’m horrified, how I want to see the rest of the planets! Okay, he says to me, touched me with his finger, his hand became normal, – “What other one do you want to look at? Only one and not for long – choose.” A hologram appeared, there are all 5 planets and the last one is red. Here, I want to speak in red.

We entered the ship, the chair appeared again, the window opened later, when we were already flying in space and again I did not see the planet from space. I say to him, – “Take me to your place. I don’t want to return to Earth, what should I do there. Tired of it. Take someone at least. You want to wash the floors in the spaceship. Anything, anyone, just not back.”

He heard about washing floors, realized that it was a joke and was smiling. Says, – “No. It’s too early for you. You still have work on Earth.”

On the way to the fifth “Red Planet”, I saw in the window how a new solar system was being created in space. A shiny heptagonal object hangs in the center in space, and the planets of this system form and line up around it. Everything boils, explodes, collides and flattens, rolls and hardens. You can imagine the size of this heptagon, if the sun, which was nascent in this system, was the size of a ball in comparison with it.

I asked my “guide” what was happening here, and he replied, “A new world is being created.” I immediately began to think, there are five active planets, there are five worlds, the Earth is generally beyond the framework of these worlds “the bottom where the outcasts live”, which means the sixth will be added to the already existing five, but where? Which hierarchy? And for whom is this sixth world created? In general, a lot of questions arose in my head, but he did not answer me, he smiled and that’s it.

Until they reached the fifth, I got sick again, again I began to disappear, he restored me with a touch, but did not let me out on the planet at all. The spacecraft hovered at an altitude of probably 100 meters from the surface. Yes, and again I did not see the planet from the side. The window closed on approach and opened when the spacecraft was hovering above the planet’s surface.

Dead and lifeless, volcanoes erupt from edge to edge. Lava flows, smoke, the sky is all covered with ash clouds. It seems I even felt the stench inside the ship. Self-hypnosis, but it’s really Hell. In the middle of this hell is a mountain. Black, charred. In general, there is nothing alive anywhere. Not a bush, not a lake – nothing. And from this mountain covered with cracks, creatures began to climb out.

Humanoid-looking, head, arms, two legs. Only they were not people, but some terrible creatures. They crawled out of the cracks and immediately began to dig the earth with their hands. The bodies are black, the mouth is red, the eerie teeth and claws. One dug up an egg. Wrinkled. Steaming. The others saw, pounced and let’s tear each other. As a result, the egg rolled and fell off the cliff into the hot lava river below. Some jumped down after him. The rest who remained alive crawled back into the cracks.

That’s all. I don’t remember the way back at all. Something bad happened to me and he took me back to Earth by express. I have not seen the earth from space. I woke up in a chair, he says – “Come, come out.” A round hole in the floor opened. I turned around and said, “I feel fine, let’s still fly?” Answers, – “No. Enough.” “See you?” I ask. “Everything has its time,” he replies.

I stepped into the hole, a ray appeared, the light was bright, sparkling sparkles and I flew down. Again, very long and very slow. Kisses seem like eternity. On the way back my pants, shirt and sneakers disappeared and I ended up also through the translucent roof and then the ceiling landed on the bed.

The light went out, everything disappeared and everything around returned to its normal state. Looked at the clock 3 am, but I don’t know what time I flew away, so I can’t say exactly how long I was away. I trudged to the kitchen, drank some water and went back, flopped into bed and fell asleep.

In the morning I went home. That’s the whole story.


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