Do we live inside a black hole?

(ORDO NEWS) — What if everything we know about the universe is wrong? What if the Big Bang is not the beginning of the Universe, and what if we live inside a Black Hole ?

The general idea is that our universe began about 13.8 billion years ago and that it all started with the Big Bang. Eventually, the universe began to expand, galaxies formed, stars were born, and planets appeared.

In one of these galaxies, the Milky Way, life originated. This life has now evolved to such an extent that it has begun to question the origin of life and its place in the universe.

Are we living inside a Black Hole?

Based on what we know about the universe, it is expanding and cooling. But what was before the Big Bang?

According to leading scientists, there was nothing before. However, not everyone seems to agree with them.

What if what we see inside our cosmos is nothing but the result of being inside a black hole that emerged from some parent universe?

This unusual theory suggests that if the black holes that form in our universe spawn baby universes, our cosmos could be nothing more than the product of another black hole.

What if the process we call the expansion of the universe marks the formation of our universe, but from a supermassive black hole?

What if black holes are nothing but containers, massive space containers that contain different universes? As people learn more about space, we find that the more we know, the more questions arise.

Nevertheless, perhaps this is the beauty of the Universe, the beauty of our cosmos. It is perhaps an endless repository of knowledge, experience and questions.

At the moment, we cannot answer whether our Universe arose as a result of the creation of a black hole or whether we live in one of them. Perhaps in the near future, as technology improves, we will get answers to many of these questions.


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