Do children need to wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic?

(ORDO NEWS) — Children’s infectious disease specialist Svetlana Kunitsina from Kryvyi Rih told in an interview for TSN that wearing masks is mandatory for children. Why do many parents in Ukraine ignore this rule? After all, a doctor with colossal work experience (over 40 years) says that children are also carriers of a dangerous virus.

According to Svetlana Kunitsina, parents should be concerned about the safety of their children. Wearing protective masks in public places is a mandatory quarantine measure. Try to leave babies and very young children at home.

Brazil is a country where more than 3,000 people die from the coronavirus every day. As it turned out, it has the highest rate of child deaths due to Covid-19 in the world. To avoid such a negative experience, it is important to control the wearing of personal protective equipment.

Children can be asymptomatic to carry the coronavirus. It is vitally important to train your child in hygiene, social distancing and the use of antiseptics.

Symptoms in adults and children may differ. Children often have a red skin rash. In this case, the appetite and sense of smell will not disappear. Svetlana Kunitsina noted that often COVID proceeds like acute respiratory infections. As a result, a terrible myth emerged – “CHILDREN DO NOT SICK”.

WHO and doctors warn that the dangerous virus is merciless to all population groups: children, adults and the elderly. Therefore, it is so imperative to wear masks, protective screens. By the way, the protective screen is ideal if the child does not like masks.


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