Do animals have feelings?

(ORDO NEWS) — Frans de Waal, Dutch primatologist, ethologist and author of the brilliant book Are We Smart Enough to Judge Animal Intelligence?, provides a wealth of convincing experimental evidence that animals – especially primates – are much more complex than is commonly thought.

Animals in the wild even behave in many ways like humans, experiencing a wide range of emotions and displaying impressive social interactions.

The video (below) shows an incredible experiment that wasn’t actually planned. A robotic spy monkey was implanted in a detachment of Langur monkeys, in the eye of which there was a camera with a microphone.

The goal is to observe the behavior of primates in their natural habitat from a minimum distance.

At some point, the “robo-monkey” fell and the langurs, who considered it part of their large family, decided that the baby had died right in front of their eyes.

The monkeys not only began to seriously worry, but even “cry” (pay attention to the facial expressions of the primate picking up the robot), and then hug and console each other.

Do animals have feelings? Frans de Waal is convinced that there is. This video is a weighty argument in favor of the correctness of the scientist.


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