Do aliens exist? Astrophysics professor Jonty Horner answers

(ORDO NEWS) — I think the answer should be a resounding yes. But I think the real question is, are aliens close enough for us to detect?

Outer space is incredibly large. Over the past few decades, we have learned that almost every star has planets. Our Milky Way galaxy has about 400 billion stars.

If there were five planets orbiting each of them, then there would be two trillion planets in our Galaxy alone. As far as we know, there are more galaxies in space than there are planets in the Milky Way.

In other words, there are a lot of potentially habitable worlds. And with so much diversity, I find it impossible to believe that Earth is the only planet that has life, including intelligent and technologically advanced ones.

But will we ever find extraterrestrial life?

Complex issue. Imagine that only one in a billion stars has a planet that could develop technologically advanced life capable of asserting its existence into space [for example, unknowingly spreading radio waves in all directions, as humans did].

Do aliens exist Astrophysics professor Jonty Horner answers 2
Jonty Horner

Well, that would give us 400 stars in the Milky Way with technologically advanced life. But our galaxy is huge – 100,000 light-years across.

It is so large that, on average, these stars will be about 10,000 light-years apart. This is too far away for us to detect alien signals (at least for now) – unless they are much more powerful than anything we can send.

So while I do believe that alien life exists, I think finding proof would be incredibly difficult.


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