Distant galaxies reveal the true nature of dark matter

(ORDO NEWS) — At the centers of spiral galaxies – both nearby and galaxies distant from us at a distance of billions of light years – lie spherical regions consisting of particles of dark matter.

Such areas have two defining characteristics – a density that remains constant within a certain radius, increasing over time with a simultaneous decrease in density.

This indicates the existence of a direct interaction between the elementary particles that make up the halo of dark matter, and particles of normal matter – such as protons, electrons, neutrons and photons.

This hypothesis contradicts the most popular modern theory of dark matter – the so-called Lambda-CDM model – according to which particles of cold dark matter are inert and do not interact with other particles in any other way,

These important findings were made by a team led by Gauri Sharma of the International School for Advanced Study SISSA, Italy, who observed a large collection of distant galaxies about 7 billion light-years away.

Until now, the main research on the search for dark matter has been directed to galaxies located near the Milky Way. In their work, Sharma and her team set out to study the distribution of mass in spiral galaxies that have the same morphology as our Galaxy, but located much further from us, and therefore younger.

The idea was that studying the distribution of mass in galaxies at earlier evolutionary stages would help to understand the nature of dark matter particles.

As a result of the study, the authors found that the studied distant galaxies also have a halo of dark matter, and that within this halo there is a region of constant matter density, starting from the center of the galaxy to a certain radius.

The study, however, also revealed a very unexpected fact that does not fit into the standard models of modern cosmology – it turned out that the properties of nearby galaxies and the properties of more distant galaxies differ greatly from each other.

Thus, the region of constant density in nearby galaxies is larger and less dense. According to the authors, this indicates an interaction between dark matter and normal matter particles, which is “forbidden” in the Lambda-CDM model.


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