Discovery of the bones of a giant 2 meters 74 cm tall in Nevada, USA

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1877, a group of prospectors working near Eureka, Nevada, found the bones of a fossilized human leg.

She was found in stone. The miners chipped off the stone until they freed the ancient remains of a shin, ankle and foot.

The most exciting aspect of the fossil was its size. From heel to knee, its length was 99 centimeters, which corresponds to a person’s height of approximately 2.74 meters.

Doctors who examined the bones came to the conclusion that they undoubtedly belonged to a man of great age.

The museums sent their representatives to comb the area around the place where the find was discovered in the hope of finding other similar remains, but they did not find anything else.

For a time, the bones were displayed in a shop window in the city of Eureka, and then they were bought by the Smithsonian Institution and nothing has been known about them since.


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