Discovered a planet that is very similar to Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The NASA telescope, after completing a mission of 10 years until today, provides new data to scientists. Yesterday, experts announced that an exoplanet was discovered in the observatory data, which is very reminiscent of the Earth.

Kepler-1649c is located 300 light-years from our planet. It resembles the Earth not only in size but also in air temperature. Exoplanet is located in the habitable zone of the star, therefore, liquid water may well be detected on it.

The new exoplanet is slightly larger than the Earth and receives approximately 75% of the amount of light that our planet. Scientists also say that it has about the same temperature. Initially, the planet was not found due to the failure of a computer algorithm.

But some time ago, scientists began to re-examine the data obtained from the telescope and found a completely new planet.

Thomas Zurbuchen is sure that this is the second Earth and it has been waiting long enough for it to be finally discovered.

Scientists added that the exoplanet is located in the orbit of a red dwarf. Such stars are characterized by strong flashes, which can adversely affect the environment and make it unsuitable for life.


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