Discovered a bright blazar jet, which is aimed at the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — The National Radio Astronomy Observatory of the United States recorded a blazar, which sent its jet straight towards the globe. Experts noted the extraordinary brightness of the object.

Blazars are a class of objects outside the galaxy characterized by a high level of luminosity. These are active galactic nuclei with relativistic jets directed towards the observer.

The object was noticed thanks to the Very Long Baseline Array equipment, owned by the United States National Radio Astronomy Observatory. The installation includes nine radio telescopes, which are controlled from New Mexico.

From the blazar, 12.8 billion light years from Earth, a jet of material followed at a speed equal to ¾ the speed of light. The blazar galaxy is called PSO J0309 + 27. The material was ejected directly towards the globe.

The object turned out to be the brightest ever observed at a given distance. Scientists have noted a very powerful radio emission emanating from the galactic core. Blazar was studied in detail by a group of experts from the Italian University of Bologna. According to the findings, these bodies were incredibly rare in the early stages of the universe.


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