Disclosed the secret of tiny rock paintings in northern Australia

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — After a considerable amount of time, the secret of incredibly small drawings on a rock in northern Australia was revealed. Very strange patterns were found at a point called Yilbilingi, which is located near the Gulf of Carpentaria.

According to the findings of Australian scientists, the drawings were left 450-500 years ago by natives. Patterns have significant differences from all others, in particular, they are characterized by an unusual technique. Another interesting observation that to this day worries specialists is the small height of the painting. Drawings were clearly created using stencils. Scientists came to this conclusion after the experiments.

After talking with local experts, they decided to reproduce the patterns. Through numerous trial and error, it was found that ancient people could use beeswax figures. They were sprayed with paint, and amazing drawings turned out.

Cave art could serve for spiritual, ritual or even magical purposes. Perhaps the patterns were created by children. If this is the case, then the last question about the low location of the drawings also disappears.

Scientists have discovered 17 works of art that show people with boomerangs in their hands or are simply geometric shapes. Similar drawings were found in other parts of Australia, only their age reached 44 thousand years. It is possible that even then people were able to use beeswax, or they used their palms as stencils.

The mystery was not as exciting as the drawings themselves, left centuries ago.


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