Disaster Mode: Americans support tight limits

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to the latest data, more than 108 thousand people have died from infection in the world. The United States overtook Italy in the number of coronavirus victims – over 20 thousand people died in the United States during a pandemic. Among them are doctors who were forced to work without protective equipment due to a lack of masks.

Wyoming tonight was the last 50th state where Donald Trump introduced a massive disaster regime. Thus, for the first time in US history, it operates throughout the country. Americans do not oppose harsh restrictive measures. On the contrary, many believe that this should have been done earlier.

In California, workers at one of the chain pizzerias gathered for a demonstration against the leadership, which they said was in no hurry to close restaurants and made people work, putting their lives in danger. And the staff of one of the hospitals did strike out, refusing to treat patients with suspected coronavirus until the staff was provided with all the necessary protective equipment.

“We go into the wards in the same means of protection that people use, for example, to go to the store. They do not help when the patient coughs right in your face. Even in the lobby of the hospital we are already at risk,” said one of the protesters .

The words of health workers are confirmed by statistics. That night, the United States came out on top in the world in the number of deaths. There are already more than 20 thousand of them.

“We are here today to pay tribute to the doctors who gave their lives in the fight against coronavirus. These are doctors, nurses, laboratory workers, even secretaries. They fell like the heroes of this pandemic. Many became infected simply because they lacked protective funds – the same masks, “said nurse Alana Cueto.

A private business has already taken up providing doctors with protective equipment – in art studios on laser machines they cut out patterns and collect plastic masks. There are also such craftsmen who create a similar protection for the face without leaving home – on a 3D printer.

Engineer Trans Laulati shared: “Nobody asked me about this. Well, how else? The situation is horrifying. I assembled a team through social networks and we will find out which hospitals have the need for masks, everyone creates as many houses as he can, and then in containers we send them to hospitals. ”

To the aid of doctors went the population of Mexico. Here, protective equipment is also created at home: masks are woven with palm leaves. The material may not be the best, but, as the residents themselves say, even such protection is better than its absence.

Well, in Italy, where over 150 thousand cases of the disease have already been recorded, people are trying to lead a familiar life in strict quarantine. Weddings in Rome look like this – instead of a veil, the main attribute of the bride is a protective mask.

“Of course, I’m a little sad that the relatives from Naples could not come. But we were waiting for this for so long, we submitted an application a year ago, before all these events, therefore the City Hall of Rome made an exception for us. We need to move forward in any situation” – said the bride Tatyana Dotolla.

Despite all the measures introduced and assistance from other countries, in particular Russia, Italy continues to show a daily increase in both the number of infected and dead. And quarantine, which has been going on for more than a month, will not be canceled in the foreseeable future.


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