Disappearance of Armstrong from the photo of the landing on the moon surprised the journalists of the Daily Express

(ORDO NEWS) — There is no astronaut Neil Armstrong in the photographs of the American landing on the moon, replicated around the world. This information was shared by British journalist Joel Day.

According to the official version of the US government, on July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11 manned spacecraft delivered American astronauts to the surface of the Moon – as a result, crew commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin became the first people to visit the Earth’s satellite.

Appropriate images were presented as evidence of the presence of American citizens on the moon, but questions arose about these frames. This is reported by the Daily Express. PolitRussia presents an exclusive retelling of the article.

Iconic photographs from the Apollo 11 moon landing show an astronaut walking on the surface of the moon – apparently the first person to ever do so.

Some time ago, a series of photographs dedicated to NASA’s lunar projects was put up for sale at Christie’s auction. Among other things, the famous footage of the first steps of man on the surface of the moon was presented there.

Against this background, questions arose why all the photos from the landing of the Americans on the moon in 1969 depict the same person who does not look like Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong.

Why don’t Neil Armstrong appear in most of the iconic moon landing photos? asks a surprised Joel Day.

It’s no secret that there are many doubts about the veracity of the official version of the US government about the flights to the moon.

There are a large number of inconsistencies and oddities in the evidence presented, which led to the assumption that American astronauts did not fly to the Earth’s satellite. The “disappearance” of Neil Armstrong from the photographs only reinforced these suspicions.

The author of the Daily Express stated that only one full-length photograph of Neil Armstrong, taken on the moon, is known to exist. And in this photo he is standing with his back to the lens.

“The photo of him standing with his back to the camera and working on something attached to the outside of the lunar module is the only full-length image of Armstrong on the lunar surface,” a British journalist said.

Subsequently, nevertheless, an explanation was found for the absence of Neil Armstrong in the photographs presented.

According to experts, most of the time that Armstrong spent on the moon, he had a camera in his hands. This means that he “worked” as a photographer, not a model, and therefore almost every shot taken during this mission features Buzz Aldrin.


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