Director of Jetson Aero showed how he flies to work by air car

(ORDO NEWS) — The era of air cars is far from the beginning, but the industry has already been born and even has the first working copies.

The single Jetson One is assembled as simply as possible for this kind of transport. Its battery is enough for 20 minutes of flight at a speed of 100 km / h, but this is enough to get the head of the developer’s company, Tomasz Patan, to work.

Technically, the Jetson One aircar is a large quadcopter. It has a cockpit, eight propellers, a joystick and a pair of pedals. At first glance, nothing revolutionary, however, this is the world’s first electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, which is already being flown to work.

Tomasz Patan, director of the company, filmed a short and apparently promotional video in which he easily jumps into the chair of an air car parked in the backyard, takes off into the air and flies directly to the landing area near the workshop.

Of course, few people have their own playground in the yard, there are no neighbors and buildings near, and from home to work there is a section of forest and fields, and not streets and roads with cars and pedestrians. The route also ends in a conveniently located place – this is practically another house in the wilderness.

Jetsone One director flies to work: watch the video

As for the claim of “the world’s first electric air car”, perhaps one can argue. The fact is that the head of the Chinese company eHang, Hu Huazzi, showed a video of him flying to work on an air car three years ago.

True, the flight did not begin right at his own house, but on a platform a few hundred meters away. In addition, the eHang flew autonomously, while Jetson One can only hover above the ground in autonomous mode.

Commercial airship flights

Personal air cars will not soon appear in the courtyards of the inhabitants of the cities of the Earth, but it will be possible to use the airship for a flight between the cities of Spain very soon. Thus, Air Nostrum plans to launch regional flights on hybrid airships by 2026.

They have already placed orders for a batch of 10 aircraft from the manufacturer – the British Hybrid Air Vehicles.

The length of the routes will be up to 425 kilometers, and the carrying capacity of one airship will be up to 100 passengers. Flights with Airlander will reduce CO2 emissions by 90% compared to conventional aircraft.


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