Dinosaurs and ancient birds unknown to science found in the Chilean valley

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(ORDO NEWS) — Dinosaur fossils found in Chilean Patagonia They belonged to species that had not previously been found in this region.

The remains were found in the Las Chinas Valley in southern Chile, near the border with Argentina. One of the dinosaurs has been identified as a megaraptor.

These predators were at the top of the food chain at the end of the Cretaceous period, 75-66 million years ago. They had strongly curved teeth – according to this feature, scientists were able to identify him.

Other fossils belonged to the Unenlagiinae, bipedal dinosaurs related to velociraptors. The study showed that they have unusual features and may belong to a group previously unknown to science.

In addition, scientists managed to find in the sediments the remains of ancient birds – enantiornithes and ornithurines. The latter are considered the direct predecessors of modern birds.

The Las Chinas Valley is currently not the most hospitable place to live.

But at the time of the dinosaurs, it was abundantly populated by archaic fauna and flora. Paleontologists noted that the valley is considered one of the most important fossil deposits in the region.


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