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Dinosaur found in Brazil may be ‘missing link’ in brontosaurus evolution

Dinosaur found in Brazil may be missing link in brontosaurus evolution 1

(ORDO NEWS) — A 230-million-year-old dinosaur discovered in Brazil has been called the “missing link” in the evolution of the largest land animals in history.

Scientists say new 230-million-year-old species could be ‘missing link’ in sauropod evolution

In a study published in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology , scientists analyzed the remains of a prehistoric animal found in southern Brazil and concluded that the long-necked creature was one of the first sauropodomorphs, a group that includes the iconic herbivore Brontosaurus. At the same time, like the tyrannosaurus, this animal walked on two legs.

“This is the oldest known dinosaur with an elongated neck, making it the ‘great-grandfather’ of sauropods!”

“They grew to very large sizes, they had long necks and tails, they were four-legged and became the largest animals that ever walked the Earth.

This early sauropodomorph was much smaller, which sheds new light on their evolution. This is the missing link in the family tree ,” the researchers explain.

According to the researchers, over time, sauropodomorphs increased in size. At the beginning of their rise 233 million years ago, they grew to a length of only 1.5 meters. Over time, these dinosaurs began to grow up to 40 meters and weigh more than 100 tons.

How exactly the changes occurred, scientists do not yet know. However, new fossils will help fill a gap in the evolution of these animals.

The new dinosaur reached a length of just over two meters. Until he received an official name.


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