Died man who urged people not to get vaccinated against COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — David Parker, who worked as a nightclub manager in the UK, openly laughed on social media at those people who were vaccinated against the coronavirus. He himself was not going to be vaccinated and as a result he himself contracted a dangerous virus, which became the cause of the death of the man.

This is far from the only case when people did not take the information about the coronavirus seriously, but then they became infected and died. Reported by the Daily Mail.

David Parker was only 56 years old. He died on August 2 as a result of complications from the coronavirus. The man posted pictures on social networks mocking the vaccination campaign in the UK, and also believed that the vaccine was just a conspiracy of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

A few weeks after he publicly ridiculed vaccines and those who created them, Parker contracted the coronavirus. A man died due to the fact that blood clots formed in the heart and lungs. It is worth noting that the infection occurred simultaneously in a colleague of David, who delivered the vaccine and, in the end, successfully defeated the disease.

Some time before his death, Parker told why he posts his opinion on social networks. He wanted people to open their eyes and stop believing the media, which had long been biased.

Relatives of the Briton believe that a timely vaccination could save his life. One of the members of the Parker’s family made a corresponding entry about this on the social network on his page.


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