Diamond discs could replace 1 billion Blu-rays

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers in Japan have developed a new method for making 5cm diamond wafers that can be used for quantum computing.

The properties of a diamond allow you to store a staggering amount of data – the equivalent of one billion Blu-ray discs.

Diamond is one of the most promising materials for practical quantum computing systems, including memory.

A special defect in a crystal, known as a nitrogen vacancy center, can be used to store data in the form of superconducting quantum bits (qubits), but too much nitrogen in a diamond disrupts its quantum storage capabilities.

This means that a compromise had to be found – scientists had to create either large diamond wafers with too much nitrogen, or ultra-pure diamond wafers that are too small to be useful for data storage.

But now researchers from Saga University and Japan’s Adamant Namiki Precision Jewelery Co. developed a new method for producing ultra-pure diamond plates that are large enough for practical use.

With the new method, the team says the resulting diamond wafers are 5cm across and have such a huge data density that they could theoretically store the equivalent of a billion Blu-Ray discs.

A single Blu-Ray disc can store up to 25GB (assuming it’s single layer), which means this diamond wafer can store a whopping 25 exabytes of data. The company calls these inserts Kenzan Diamond.


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