Development of the Perm Polytechnic Institute will accelerate the treatment of wastewater from toxic substances

(ORDO NEWS) — Industrial waste water contains toxic organic compounds. Researchers from the Perm Polytechnic Institute are creating a technology that will help improve the efficiency of their biological treatment.

Scientists have identified microorganisms that can absorb formaldehyde from effluents. Exceeding its permissible concentration in water is dangerous for the environment and human health, as well as detrimental to microorganisms that are used for cleaning.

The biotechnologists presented the results of their work in the collection of materials of the All-Russian scientific-practical conference with international participation “Chemistry. Ecology. Urbanism “.“Before reuse or discharge into the general water supply system, drains are thoroughly cleaned and checked for toxic substances.

But the capabilities of existing technologies are still limited. They do not act fast enough and do not always cope with high concentrations of harmful compounds.

Our task was to isolate and study cultures of microorganisms and search for methods of intensifying biological treatment that can accelerate this process and increase its efficiency, ”notes Anastasia Lobanova, one of the developers, undergraduate student of the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology of the Perm Polytechnic University.

development of the Perm Polytechnic Institute will accelerate the treatment of wastewater from toxic substances 2

Researchers have isolated a “community” of microorganisms from the wastewater of biological treatment plants of one of the industrial enterprises of the Perm Territory. They conducted experiments to study the rate and extent of absorption of formaldehyde by microorganisms.

The bacteria use it as a food source. Scientists used microorganisms in their pure form or fixed on a carrier. They compared the results and found that the use of a carrier not only increases the quality of water purification , but also significantly speeds up the process.

“To reduce the concentration of organic matter in wastewater, industrial enterprises use various methods. In particular, this can be the fixation of microorganisms on carriers, granulation of activated sludge or the creation of biofilms. We are developing a technology that will increase the efficiency of water purification by almost 50 percent.

The results of our experiments allow us to expand the range of studies, as well as apply the developed methods in relation to a wider range of pollutants, which can also become a source of nutrition for microorganisms.

The integrated technology will be a closed cycle – from the cultivation of microorganisms to their utilization, ”says Olga Bakhireva, scientific supervisor of the developer, associate professor of the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Candidate of Chemical Sciences of the Perm Polytechnic University.

The development of biotechnologists can be used in enterprises that produce adhesives, resins and plastics. The technology is also promising for use in woodworking and paint and varnish industries.

Their wastewater is characterized by an increased concentration of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, methanol, phenol, and other organic compounds, the scientists explain.


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