Developed an application for moving real objects in Photoshop

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — An artist and programmer Cyril Diagn developed an unusual application for moving real objects in Photoshop. A video demonstrating the functionality of the AR Cut & Paste program was posted on Twitter.

So, the new program allows you to take a picture of a real object using a smartphone’s camera, with the further removal of the background and placing it in the Photoshop project. And all thanks to machine learning, as well as the functionality of the program itself.

It is known that to ensure the functioning of the development, a local server is used, which connects the program to Photoshop on the computer, as well as a service with the help of which objects are detected with the subsequent removal of the background. And the placement of the necessary element in the right place is carried out thanks to the algorithm for determining the object relative to the Photoshop project on the computer screen.


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